The Huckleberry Murders

The Huckleberry Murders The Huckleberry Murders A Sheriff Bo Tully Mystery Sheriff Bo Tully Mysteries

  • Title: The Huckleberry Murders
  • Author: Patrick F. McManus
  • ISBN: 9781439190845
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Huckleberry Murders A Sheriff Bo Tully Mystery Sheriff Bo Tully Mysteries

    • The Huckleberry Murders ¦ Patrick F. McManus
      338 Patrick F. McManus
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    1. Patrick F. McManus

      Patrick F McManus is an American outdoor humor writer A humor columnist for Outdoor Life and other magazines, his columns have been collected in several books Series Sheriff Bo Tully


    1. This is a marvelous series: delightful characters, humor, a decent mystery. What more could you ask for.Sheriff Bo Tully is off to collect huckleberries so his mother can bake him some pies when he meets three hysterical women who have discovered three bodies. There are three hard looking men in town worth investigating. And a local wife who insists her ex-husband has been murdered. Because the bodies were found on federal land, the FBI sends an agent to verify that the investigation is done pro [...]

    2. PROTAGONIST: Sheriff Bo TullySETTING: Blight, IdahoSERIES: #4 of 4RATING: 2.75Although local rancher Marge Poulson and her husband Orville are divorced, she has enough feelings for him to be concerned when he goes missing. She reaches out to Sheriff Bo Tully, who immediately concludes that Orville is a victim of the ranch caretaker, Ray Crockett. Crockett claims that Orville is alive and has just gone on an adventure. Meanwhile, Crockett claims that he sends Orville’s Social Security check to [...]

    3. This is probably one of the worst books I have ever read. Patrick McManus may be wonderful at writing non-fiction (I wouldn’t know, this is the first book I have ever read by him) but writing mystery fiction and especially dialogue is not one of his strengths. I was especially taken aback by the dialogue between the sheriff and the women in the novel. The dialogue that he wrote for the FBI agent could not have been more ridiculous. I would expect FBI agents depicted in books to be more technic [...]

    4. Kind of a cozy good-old-boy mystery, the 4th in the Bo Tully series. Tully is small town Idaho sheriff in a town of off-kilter characters and as a sideline is a chick magnet. 3 young fellas murdered in a huckleberry patch lead to adventures in swamp stomping, camping, and backwoods hiking to figure out who did what. If you like your mysteries with a touch of dry humor, try this series .

    5. finally made it to library and found this book sitting on shelf waiting for me. had not read any books by patrick mcmanus in many years but he is excellent writer and i soon will look for others he has written with this character.

    6. This is the first and only book I've read by this author so I went into it with no preconceptions whatsoeverd it turned out to be one of the most ridiculous books I've ever read. I gather that this book is one of the later ones in a long series so maybe if you started out with the character of Sheriff Bo Tully in the beginning you can appreciate his "charms" or whatever, but speaking as a newcomer to the series, the sheriff is one of the least believable characters I've ever encountered. I only [...]

    7. I enjoy the author's humor. OK book to read and I'll have to pick up others in the series. I do prefer Pat's books of funny stories over this one though.

    8. Loved it! Read in one day! Great read, tongue-in-cheek humor, quick, but enjoyable read about Sheriff Bo Tully & Blight County, he had more deputies than I expected for a backwoods Sheriff. Interesting story about him going huckleberry picking so his Mom would bake him a pie, & discovering 3 dead bodies. Poke, Pap Tully, FBI agent Angie, Rose, Daisy are a few of the colorful characters in this book. Enjoyed the story & plan to read more about Sheriff Bo Tully's adventures!

    9. Patrick McManus makes even huntin'n' fishin' look like fun. I've read his story collections for years and would hurt myself laughing. He has since included mysteries in his arsenal and while they aren't as gut-wrenchingly hilarious as his shorter works, this one was fun to read.Bo Tully is the sheriff of Blight, Idaho where law is not done by the book as much as by the seat of the pants. Characterization in these is a more toned-down version of those in the short form. Eddie Muldoon appears, but [...]

    10. I'm a huge Patrick McManus fan, and have read most of his short story collections. When I saw this novel for sale, I picked it up. Okay, it's a bit entertaining, but it's not near the romper room of laughs as his other books. McManus presents some memorable characters, a grade B- mystery (on a scale of A-F), and some interesting dialogue. The book is an entertaining read, but perhaps, knowing his other works, my expectations were setting the bar pretty high. This is the first "Bo Tully" series o [...]

    11. This is the first I have read of the Huckleberry Murders Series, this is #4. The Huckleberry Murders (Simon & Schuster 2010) finds Bo Tully, sheriff of Blight County, Idaho, picking huckleberries at his favorite remote spot in the hills. His solitude is disturbed by the screams of several women who have stumbled across three bodies in a nearby huckleberry patch. The three young men, who look like farmers with their calloused hands and old clothing, have all been shot in the back of the head, [...]

    12. The Huckleberry Murders (Simon & Schuster 2010) finds Bo Tully, sheriff of Blight County, Idaho, picking huckleberries at his favorite remote spot in the hills. His solitude is disturbed by the screams of several women who have stumbled across three bodies in a nearby huckleberry patch. The three young men, who look like farmers with their calloused hands and old clothing, have all been shot in the back of the head, execution style. Bo finds faint traces of a possible 4th victim who fled, an [...]

    13. I feel a little bad marking this only three stars. After all, I read it, and enjoyed it, and would happily read another from the same series. At the same time, I feel like there were some fairly large flaws.McManus writes these really funny outdoorsy tall tales. His tone is tongue-in-cheek, and the humor can be quite broad. It seems to me, though, that this book is so tongue-in-cheek that I can't get a handle on who the characters are meant to be, or how they are meant to be interacting. Maybe t [...]

    14. The Huckleberry Murders by Patrick F. McManus.This was fun listening to it on CD. The narrator Tom StechSchulte did a wonderful job with the voices and especially the humorous parts of the book.Sheriff Bo Tully is a western law man who is way ahead of the pack on both sides when it comes to understanding what the truth really is. The Sheriff is searching for a sociopath in the murder of a local rancher, when he comes across the execution style murder of three men on Scotchman Mountain in an area [...]

    15. I've been a long time fan of Patrick McManus' humor columns in Outdoor Life and Field & Stream, which I used to read in my younger years. When those magazines came each month in the mail, I would immediately turn to the last page, and read the latest about Pat and his exploits. When I learned that he was writing novels, I checked this one out. The humor is similar to what I remember, and for that I enjoyed it. However, as a novel it leaves much to be desired. Really, it is simply a vehicle f [...]

    16. I enjoy McManus's Bo Tully mysteries. Even though they're played more for laughs than police procedure, I'd still like to get Tully together with my other two Stetson-wearing sheriffs, Walt Longmire and Bill Gastner. Tully is so busy in this one, that it appears that he's ignoring a woman who insists that her ex-husband has been murdered. Notice how I say "appears."McManus's humor is reminiscent of Mark Twain, and I loved how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together in this one. I recommend thi [...]

    17. I grew up with Patrick McManus books all around the house. My dad loved them! This is the first one I've read. I don't know what to think about it. I liked it but I also hated it. The way he writes is odd. The characters seem to change their whole personality at times. It was just an odd book. Plus it got a little old constantly hearing about Tully's way with women. Is he really so irresistible that almost every single woman throws herself at him? I may read more of his books (probably earlier o [...]

    18. I am finally locating the location of Blight County in north Idaho. It is not were I thought from book one. It has taken 4 books and now I feel I can drive to Blight County from Spokane on any given day. I really think Bo should give it a rest and let the ladies alone. He seems to have a great area to live in for hunting, fishing and to keep his Dad out of trouble. That is enough for anyone to keep them out of trouble. But if he marries Daisy, that will give him another challange. I really like [...]

    19. Bo Tully, sheriff of Blight County apparently by heredity, is taking a day off to go berry-picking when he stumbles upon the bodies of three murdered men. Since the bodies were found in a national forest, that brings in the dreaded FBI--in the person of an attractive young woman agent, who must have goofed up big time to be sent to Idaho. The always amusing Tully seems a bit underemployed in this, and even his father Pap Tully, the corrupt, retired ex-sheriff who's always looking for a way to in [...]

    20. I was constantly rolling my eyes as I read this book. The dialogue was canned & trying to hard to be funny, the characters were one-dimensional, & the whole plot lacked pizzaz. So many details were skipped over; the characters were so bland.I.e. when a sheriff gets a phone call about a sweet old lady who was pushed off a bridge, who says "that's quite a drop." Unrealistic, trying to be funny. Didn't work.It was not my style. I just don't have the heart to give 1 star.

    21. The Huckleberry Murders by Patrick McManus is just the ticket. Idaho Sherriff Bo Tully wanted to spend the day picking huckleberries for a pie; instead he has 3 dead bodies in a huckleberry patch and a thorny murder to investigate. A pretty FBI agent gets into the action since the murders took place in the National Forest. Bo likes the ladies but is not overly fond of the FBI, still they make an entertaining team going after the bad guys.

    22. Sheriff Bo Tully is on his way to pick huckleberries when he finds three dead bodies. A triple murder stirs up the county and means that it's time to solve the crime the Blight way.Why I started this book: I wanted some more of this sly understated humor in my life.Why I finished it: This was a quick and delightful read.

    23. While out on his favorite huckleberry patch, Sheriff Bo Tulley of Blight County, Idaho, discovers three bodies. Since the murders are on federal land, a female FBI agent joins his search for the killers. A rancher's ex-wife reports the man missing and Tulley also tries to find him. The bodies keep coming.

    24. Despite the hoaky looking cover, this is a reasonable murder mystery, set in Idaho. Bo Tully is a small town sheriff who is not adverse to doing things a little off the grid, as well as deputizing the best shots in his town in order to fight the bad guys, but he does it all for the right reasons, and this is an enjoyable read.

    25. I have enjoyed this series, but I was just never able to get into this latest installment. There were some pretty good moments and amusing lines, but for the most part, the book was disappointing. I don't require great depth to enjoy a book, but this one really needed a bit more substance. I still like the characters and would revisit McManus's Blight County, and I hope the series continues.

    26. I adored McManus's semi-autobiographical novels beginning (I think) with "They shoot canoes don't they?This, however is the 3rd in a mystery series, and has the humor of the above. Sheiff Tullyis a really smart, though seemingly hick, in a no-where county in Utah.Keyboard has gone wonky on me--I quit.

    27. i picked this up because I like the author's humor books and columns. This has a little of that humor and the mystery is pretty good. The protagonist seems geared to male readers (the author's usual audience) - his flirting with every single woman in the county got in the way of the story near the end.

    28. Good book, but not as good as his previous works. The end of the plot was totally predictable,I was hoping that I was wrong, but I wasn't. If you want to start reading the Bo Tully mysteries, read the first two first (The Blight Way and Avalanche). They were better.

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