Midair For four young women abroad in Paris a game of Truth or Dare turns life and death I had a secret I wanted to leave the earth in a spectacular fashion Specifically by leaping from the Eiffel Tower So

  • Title: Midair
  • Author: Kodi Scheer
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  • Page: 486
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For four young women abroad in Paris, a game of Truth or Dare turns life and death I had a secret I wanted to leave the earth in a spectacular fashion Specifically, by leaping from the Eiffel Tower So begins this provocative coming of age novel about a teenage girl bent on self destruction and revenge, set in the City of Light.It s the summer of 1999, the end of a mFor four young women abroad in Paris, a game of Truth or Dare turns life and death I had a secret I wanted to leave the earth in a spectacular fashion Specifically, by leaping from the Eiffel Tower So begins this provocative coming of age novel about a teenage girl bent on self destruction and revenge, set in the City of Light.It s the summer of 1999, the end of a millennium In the mind of Nessa Baxter, a girl from rural Illinois, Paris is the remedy for all of her woes The death of her beloved brother and the betrayal by her classmate Kat has left Nessa bereft and doubtful about her future She plans to exact revenge on Kat during their renegade French Club trip Along with classmates Whitney and Kiran, the four girls embark on a series of misadventures in Paris As part of her plan, Nessa starts a game of Truth or Dare that spirals out of control.A suspenseful psychological drama, Midair is the story of a young girl s descent into darkness and the secrets we keep, even from ourselves.

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    1. Kodi Scheer

      Kodi Scheer teaches writing at the University of Michigan, where she earned her MFA She was awarded the Dzanc Prize for Excellence in Literary Fiction and Community Service As a recent fellow of the Sozopol Fiction Seminars, she traveled to Bulgaria to engage with an international community of writers, translators, and readers Her stories have appeared or are forthcoming in The Chicago Tribune, The Iowa Review, The Florida Review, Quarterly West, and Bellevue Literary Review She also serves as writer in residence for the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.


    1. Midair is my kindle-first pick for July. I hate to say it but I had a really hard time reading this book. I thought the blurb sounded great and the first lines of the book pulled me right inI had a secret: I wanted to leave the earth in a spectacular fashion. Specifically, by leaping from the Eiffel Tower. The end seemed ideal-high above the city, soaring through the air just as my heart stopped and my brain released a rush of endorphins, causing intense euphoria. A moth consumed by light.****** [...]

    2. "I had a secret: I wanted to leave the earth in a spectacular fashion. Specifically, by leaping from the Eiffel Tower. The end seemed ideal—high above the city, soaring through the air just as my heart stopped and my brain released a rush of endorphins, causing intense euphoria."Nessa Baxter, a high school graduate from Illinois, is at the end of her rope. The sudden death of her beloved brother, coupled with the negation of one of her greatest achievements because of the actions of a fellow c [...]

    3. Ten minutes into this book, I had to put it down and ask myself whether it was even worth continuing (I've concluded that it isn't). The subpar writing was so overwhelming that I couldn't wait for the narrator to hurry up and jump off the Eiffel Tower. But of course it wasn't going to happen with her random spurts of later-life reflections. Here are the 10 things off the top of my head that I can't stand (skip if you don't want the first ten minutes of the book spoiled):1. The way everyone (with [...]

    4. I picked this book for my Kindle First because I wanted something that moved fast and was in a different genre than I normally read. The book moving fast is the only good thing I can say about Midair. So, let me start off by saying I was disappointed that the majority of this book is just 4 girls wandering around Paris playing truth or dare (the description, title, and cover make it seem like it's going to be on a plane. I pictured Non-Stop with teenage girls. The actual book is no where near as [...]

    5. I got this book for my Kindle from the as part of the Kindle First scheme (you get to download one book, out of a choice of four, at a reduced price that isn't due to be released generally until the next month).Anyway, the story focuses on four American teenage girls who are undertaking a trip to France to celebrate the end of their French course. The story is narrated by Nessa, who has had a modest upbringing compared to the other three girls, and has had a tragedy in her life that clouds her [...]

    6. HmmFirstly, I have (very recently, actually) been to Paris. Because of this, something about this books depictions of Paris really annoyed me. So there was that.Secondly, it took a while to get into. I stopped and started with the beginning part for a while. Also For a lot of the book, the characters (including the MC) were just really not likeable and frankly quite 2 dimensional and somehow also a bit ridiculous. Or maybe just ridiculously stupid. They did grow, though, as the story went on.The [...]

    7. Ugh. I was excited about this, as I'd seen several advance reviews that said it was exciting and gripping. I thought it was really grim, with unlikable characters and an insufferable protagonist. By the time I reached the halfway point, I really didn't care who was going to end up dead, and by the end, I was hoping it might be all of them.

    8. I found it extremely hard to connect to the main character so it was equally hard to empathize with her in any way. In fact, I ended up 'rooting' for her enemies, or whatever the other girls were to her. And I never understood why her entire life was ruined because of the original offending incident. It just seems there could have been many alternative choices. Ugh.

    9. Finally a book I didn't hate! The last few books I read were terrible, so this one might get a slight edge just because of that. I keep harping in my reviews that a great plot can't survive underdeveloped characters but that well-developed characters can cause me to forgive a subpar plot. It was refreshing to turn to page 1 and immediately find an introduction to and background on all of the characters, especially the main character. Character development drew me in from the beginning. The plot [...]

    10. Amazing storyWow. I read this book in one sitting, couldn't put it down. Starting with the first sentence, it sucked me in and didn't let me up for sir until the end. I highly recommend this book that forces you to realize every action has consequences, good or bad, and that perception can change everything. It is so well written and fast paced that you can't help but go down the rabbit hole.

    11. Disappointing! This was a Kindle pick for July Prime members. The narrator is not likable, the novel seems unrealistic and melodramatic, and simply too superficial. It is hard to believe that the author teaches writing.

    12. Gripping and beautiful. If you think this is a traditional coming of age tale, don't be fooled. It is a beautifully woven story of the naivete of youth and the terrible pain of paying for our actions. I highly recommend this to any reader.

    13. It held my interest, but to be honest, I found the main characters to be so obnoxious that I wanted them all to jump off the Eiffel Tower.

    14. This was my first experience with the first choice Kindle thing where Prime users can choose a book each month to read from a list, and it was pretty disappointing. The synopsis sounds much more exciting than it is, especially regarding the narrator. For the majority of the book the narrator in 1999 is unbearable and all I was reminded of was a female Holden Caulfield. She's the typical "I'm not like other girls, I'm smart" trope, but given her age it's understable. I have never really wanted to [...]

    15. This was my July kindle first book. If you're looking for something quick and not too thought-provoking, and you're ok with it being unrealistic and oversimplified, you might like this book.The dialogue was unbelievable, the characters were unrelatable, and the "twist" was obvious from VERY early on. Also there were several plot elements that took it over the top for me: (1) NONE of the girls even paused to consider the wisdom of initially getting in the van with Luc and Anton? Or running out on [...]

    16. After reading the last word, I put my phone down and sat in silence for a moment. Wow, was all I could think. Though there are a few bumps along the way (mainly the first time the author changes perspectives from past Vanessa to future Vanessa) the story starts with a very melodramatic "whoa is me, I must end my life, etc" kind of vibe, but as the story progresses, you start to learn the real demons within each of the girls and why they do or did certain things.Just like a roller coaster, the mo [...]

    17. "Ah, yes, the best-laid plans o' mice and men. But what of young girls?" I devoured Kodi Scheer's story collection, Incendiary Girls, so I was really excited to read her debut novel, and it didn't disappoint. When four eighteen-year-old girls travel to Paris, they all have their own plans and expectations for how the trip will go, but the narrator, Nessa, has a secret plot for revenge and an end goal of suicide. However, things go wildly off course over the course of the novel, and though a trag [...]

    18. Just terrible. A quick read, but goes nowhere and doesn't really develop the characters at all. So much of what happens in this story makes zero sense - especially the girls taking in the small child. Have to give the writer some props for doing a bit of research into Paris tourism, but that's about it.

    19. The best parts of the book are the small accurate details of Paris. The actual characters and plot are mediocre.

    20. I knew there would be a twist, butBut it still was surprising and heartbreaking. The strength of the characters to learn and move on was also comforting.

    21. I though it would be betterI chose this book because it sounded exciting. I was mistaken. Yes, there's a mild plot twist at the end but a good deal of this book is just a bitter girl running around Paris - even though she can't afford it, she magically is able to go-to with three classmates. Her plan is to dive off the Eiffel Tower in front of the girl that "ruined her life."The ending was abrupt too. Like, I was shocked that it ended at such a weird point. *** small spoilers******Some weird bit [...]

    22. I read two-three books at a time, especially if i find them boring, and this book was part of a trio that I finished last weekend. I very rarely do not finish a book, even though I have to suffer through it.As other reviewers have said, the protagonist wasn't very likable, and her motive for wanting to kill one of her friends was pathetic. If you're that smart, just take the test again. If the girl who cheated off you could get into university, so could you. Toward the end of the book, the prota [...]

    23. Received from July's Kindle First. A very quick read but not a huge fan of it.My main problems (view spoiler)[1. The cheating situation. I have a problem that anyone could cheat on the ACT by copying someone else EXACTLY. Those scan-trons are tiny! Even if it was possible, any good cheater knows not to copy off of someone exactly. Plus - just re-take the test! BS on missing deadlines IMO.2. Why didn't the girls just leave the party? Seriously. There was nothing said about the guys forcing them t [...]

    24. yikes. okay:the good: passes the bechdel test, main character is more concerned with going to college than with boys, sex is treated in a way that is not precious which is unique in this genrethe bad: everything else. unrealistic premise (does she know you can apply to college next year??? why weren't kat's scores cancelled???), the Big Twist is cheap and predictable, really weird handling of (spoiler) sexual assault, unnecessary dead brother subplot, bad writing, terrible endingi hated it

    25. I received this book as part of the First Reads Program and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a quick read with a well written plot that captured me from the first chapter. I would recommend.

    26. Predictable and with a unlikable main character who makes fun of everything. Not worth the time it took me to read the first 60 pages. Thank God it was free thru prime. Lame.

    27. It was a bit slow at times, but otherwise excellent! I never read a preview so I never know what to expect. I highly recommend not reading any spoilers for this book!

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