Menaka's Choice

Menaka s Choice We make love and leave That is our motto Live by it Menaka or you shall suffer untold unnecessary grief Born during the churning of the ocean Menaka is the most beautiful of all the apsaras in the

  • Title: Menaka's Choice
  • Author: Kavita Kané
  • ISBN: 9788129137333
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • We make love and leave That is our motto Live by it, Menaka or you shall suffer untold, unnecessary grief.Born during the churning of the ocean, Menaka is the most beautiful of all the apsaras in the world, with quick intelligence and innate talent However, she craves for the one thing she can never have family Elsewhere, after severe austerities, a man, now blessedWe make love and leave That is our motto Live by it, Menaka or you shall suffer untold, unnecessary grief.Born during the churning of the ocean, Menaka is the most beautiful of all the apsaras in the world, with quick intelligence and innate talent However, she craves for the one thing she can never have family Elsewhere, after severe austerities, a man, now blessed with the name Vishwamitra, challenges the gods and dares to create another heaven Fearing his growing powers, Indra, the king of gods, decides to put a stop to his ambitions by making Menaka seduce him.What will happen when Menaka and Vishwamitra meet each other Will Menaka finally find what she really wished for Or will she again be forced to surrender to her destiny Find out in this fascinating portrait of one of the most enduring mythological figures.Features This is untold tale of the famous apsara, Menaka and equally famous Rishi Vishwamitra.The novel is not just a love story of Menaka and Vishwamitra, but also a story of a woman, restricted by her designated role and fighting for her dreams in a male dominated world and the story of man defying all odds to achieve his goal and fulfil his destiny.The writing is lucid and narration is gripping.This is the latest book by Kavita Kane, the best selling author of Karna s Wife The Outcast s Queen and Sita s Sister.

    • Menaka's Choice By Kavita Kané
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    1. Kavita Kané

      A senior journalist with a career of over two decades, which includes working for Magna publication and DNA, she quit her job as Assistant Editor of Times of India to devote herself as a full time author A self styled aficionado of cinema and theatre and sufficiently armed with a post graduate degree in English Literature and Mass Communication from the University of Pune, the only skill she knows, she candidly confesses, is writing Karna s Wife her debut novel, 2013 was a bestseller Her second novel Sita s Sister 2014 also deals with another enigmatic personality Urmila, probably the most overlooked character in the Ramayan Menaka s Choice 2015 ,another best seller, is about the famous apsara and her infamous liaison with Vishwamitra the man she was sent to destroy Lanka s Princess 2016 is her fourth book based on Ravan s sister, Surpanakha, the Princess of Lanka who was also its destroyerBorn in Mumbai, a childhood spent largely in Patna and Delhi , Kavita currently lives in Pune with her mariner husband Prakash and two daughters Kimaya and Amiya with Chic the black cocker spaniel and Cotton the white, curious cat.


    1. With her stories mostly having mythological women as her subjects, Kavita Kane has done it again.taken one less significant character from the larger than life mythological stories and woven a delicate story bringing the character centre-stage. Menaka, according to stories, was just one of the most beautiful 'Apsara' a pawn in Indra's scheme, sent from heaven to disturb Rishi Vishwamitra’s penance and prevent him from becoming more powerful than the devas in heaven.But author Kavita Kane has g [...]

    2. Apsaras, the celestial nymphs, are always overshadowed in the mythology by near-perfect leads. In the over all sketch of any tale, they're always reduced to mere seductresses whose beauty leads to destruction and ruin. Kavita Kane successfully brings forth the muted tale of Celestial Menaka, whose life is deeply entwined with that of great rishi Vishwamitra, the first and last man she seduced. :)The first part of this book discusses the rebellious Menaka and her passionate yet ridiculed relation [...]

    3. Edit: Author Interview Interview of Kavita Kane, The author of 'Karna's wife'Read this book to know about the celestial beauty, Apsara, and her controversial love story.Read the full book review on my blog Menaka's Choice by Kavita Kane - Book reviewRegards,

    4. ‘Apsara’ generally subsisting at the periphery of literature, quite often depicted for the consumption of a voyeur; thus ends up being an object of sexual gratification rather than a living, flesh and blood character. Britannica’s description of ‘Apsara’ tersely sums up their prevailing representation in the works of literature, “Originally water nymphs, the apsaras provide sensual pleasure for both gods and men.” Given the context, Kavita Kane’s choice of a protagonist in her la [...]

    5. Superb tale of celestial manifestations and human frailties and resolve brings into focus a class of divine (in all senses) beings who have been hitherto confined to it or side roles in fiction.

    6. Kavita Kane outdid herself!! Having read her book Karna's wife, I had huge expectations from this one. And I was not disappointed. I loved the book to bits.tually thinking of reading it once again!What I love about Kavita's books is that the protagonist is very human, someone we can all relate to. Menaka's Choice is about Menaka, the apsara. The title was intriguing as apsaras- the celestial beauties are normally not given a second thought. They are beautiful nymphs who just come to distract . I [...]

    7. There are some relationships which are beyond judgementme which do not have a beginning or an endme circumstances not really under our control.but the love people share in this relationship is far more eternal and cannot be described in words. Menaka's choice is just that story which makes you love such unexplainable thoughts and feelings. I wish I had more words to describe what I felt about this book but I was speechless inside and out.Kavita, you have made one more book to tug the hearts of y [...]

    8. After reading Kane's booksi think i am falling in love with Hindu mythology.Though she is employing fiction and has improvised to fill gaps, yet i can't deny that it moved me. Engaging and true to its core Menaka's story is exceptional!

    9. I am a huge fan of Kavita Kane's strength in portraying the tried and often misjudged characters from the pantheon of Hindu mythology in a new light. Menaka's Choice was yet another powerful, vociferous, tart, feminist take on the life, choices and decisions surrounding the tempestuous relationship between the Apsara Menaka and the Rishi Vishwamitra. However, lengthy monologues could be the weakness of this otherwise interesting read.

    10. It took me forever to get into this book. But when I did, I finished it in one sitting - it really is that good.Hundred pages into the book, I thought this one was falling prey to what it was trying to fight. The apsaras, though struggling for choice, were very seldom portrayed as anything but that which had caged them to that role they were playing in the story. And the writing style had disappointed me until then. But everything changed so drastically midway. It's almost as if it were changing [...]

    11. Menaka's Choice is one of the books that will show you or teach that letting go of someone will only make you believe that its for the greater good for both people involved. She never thought she will fell in love with him. she was trying to escape from a broke heart and memory of Vasu. It was hard for her leave her infant child and more importantly leaving vishwamitra, a man she never thought she will fell in love deeply and passionately. But she was a brave woman to tell truth and ready to fac [...]

    12. The book deals with aspects of Hindu mythology that I have not heard of before, and the author's efforts in humanising these characters and giving them agency - particularly Menaka, who is used as a pawn by Indra but subverts his will time and again - are truly commendable.But it's hard to enjoy a book where the editing is subpar - where "inhuman" is left as "in human", and "it's" is left where "its" should be used - and where there is more telling than showing. There are simply too many instanc [...]

    13. Kavita Kané ;Menaka's Choice Would put it as a right choice for a Romantic at Heart ;)Within a few hours I finished reading the book , didn't realise when I reached the last page 290e flow of the journey of Indralok engulfed me totally The facinating , intoxicating portrait of the highlighted Apsara Menaka still gets me goosebumps, her ability to lure the men in her life especially the erotic romantic moments mentioned with her warrior lover King Kaushik and the flow of incidences , create a p [...]

    14. Another remarkable book by Kane. The manner in which she manages to develop and present the chief protagonists, all females so far, is quite unique. Her style of story telling is different as well and keeps you hooked. However, "Maneka" falls short of the excellence the author achieved in narrating the story of Uruvi, Karna's wife. The pathos is there but perhaps the repeated transition from heaven to the real world makes "Maneka " a trifle unrealistic. Yet the brilliance is there. Eminently rea [...]

    15. A strong protagonist in the form of Menaka, an even stronger muse in Vishwamitra, read this book for a heady cocktail of love, betrayal, redemption and more.Detailed review put up at mahabore.wordpress/2015/1

    16. Lesser know characters in larger than life epics intrigue me- I started reading Menaka's Choice to quell the curiosity I've finished the book but found very little to take away from it. Over all review: This book can be avoided

    17. Menaka's Choice is yet another masterpiece by Kavita Kane. Brilliantly written. Has secured a permanent place in my mythology books collection.

    18. Ménaka est une apsara, une nymphe céleste immortelle, dont la vie est dévoué à la danse, à la séduction et aux plaisirs charnels. Elle est envoyée sur Terre par Indra, le roi du Paradis, pour séduire et distraire un sage dont la méditation menace la position même d’Indra.Cependant, elle tombe amoureuse de sa proie. Afin de permettre au sage d’accomplir sa destinée, elle lui révèle qu’elle a été envoyée pour l’éloigner de son but. Ce dernier, en colère, rejette Ménaka [...]

    19. I really enjoy reading about women in mythology; especially the ones that aren't so black and white. I picked this one up with high hopes but I was disappointed. The lengthy monologues and the explanations for every single action on the protagonist's part made the narrative boring. Things that could have been summarised succinctly in a sentence or two have been stretched out to cover chapters. And at the end of all these monologues all we get is a very vague picture of Menaka as a woman. There i [...]

    20. Menaka’s Choice by Kavita Kane is the story of the celestial nymph Menaka and her controversial love story with Rishi Viswamitra of Hindu Mythology. It is a pleasant read and shows Menaka in shades of grey and so is Viswamitra. Indra’s palace is often compared to a brothel house. This book fails to generate and/or maintain the same interest as Kavita Kane’s Karna’s Wife or Sita’s Sister.

    21. I liked the style of the author - the literature, tone, narrative etc. What I was not very pleased with is the long winded story telling and the unmistakable attempt for the story to be feminist. An apsara, created for pleasure, is not an ideal candidate for a feminist story,and hence long explanations for every act MenAKA does were needed which added unnecessary bulk to the book. 3.5stars.

    22. I picked this book up with high hopes but it was disappointing. It could've used a lot more editing and tightening. I'm sad that the narrative fell into what has become my Indian writing pet peeve. :(

    23. a fascinating tale of love and life which teaches - right or wrong, complete or incomplete, successful or unsuccessful love is worth a try love is worth treasured

    24. After reading Karna's wife and Sita's sister, both of which were entertaining reads I thought of reading Maneka's Choice. I didn't know much about Maneka or Vishwamitra or about apsaras and gandharvas before reading this book. I found it pretty boring with long melodramatic monologues. I didn't like any of the characters including Maneka. At one point I actually thought of giving up reading but then I kept going just to know what happens in the end.

    25. Wonderfully written story. You just can't wait to know what happens next. We know the basic story of these characters from mythology however the way the author has portrayed them show that so much can be done to a story when you change the point of view! Brilliant story teller! Waiting to read more and more of her work.

    26. Loved the bookThe information and the detailing of the events are so clear and beautiful that you actually feel like you're living in that story.

    27. Like her earlier works Kavitha Kane brought another strong female character Menaka from Indian mythology into lime light.The main plot of Vishwamitra and Menaka's lovestory starts after we finish half of the book. All the back and foreground details are well put together.but also felt like some pages can be skipped.

    28. I was captivated by the Protagonist, Menaka. When all the other authors are busy penning down the routine mythological characters Kavita Kane choses Menaka as the leading character. Her choice of characters are indeed remarkable - Uruvi(Karna's wife), Urmila(Sita's sister) and now Menaka.After reading Karna's wife I was sure the author is phenomenal in jotting down a woman's emotions in the purest form. You can connect to and feel the characters if you are a woman. All the delicate emotions are [...]

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