Blame It on the Fruitcake

Blame It on the Fruitcake Fruitcake is the laughingstock of the holiday season But can it be an aphrodisiac instead Motorcycle mechanic Sam McGuire is surprised to find a gaily wrapped box on his doorstep with a piece of fruit

  • Title: Blame It on the Fruitcake
  • Author: Pat Henshaw
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fruitcake is the laughingstock of the holiday season But can it be an aphrodisiac instead Motorcycle mechanic Sam McGuire is surprised to find a gaily wrapped box on his doorstep with a piece of fruitcake accompanying an invitation to a holiday party Wondering if he ll fit in, Sam attends the party mostly to get of the fruitcake he falls in love with and meets JayFruitcake is the laughingstock of the holiday season But can it be an aphrodisiac instead Motorcycle mechanic Sam McGuire is surprised to find a gaily wrapped box on his doorstep with a piece of fruitcake accompanying an invitation to a holiday party Wondering if he ll fit in, Sam attends the party mostly to get of the fruitcake he falls in love with and meets Jay Merriweather, his new neighbor The lure of Jay s big family and its holiday tradition of enjoying Grandma s fruitcake hook Sam, as does the sexy man himself But Sam can t imagine why handsome, college educated Jay would want someone like him, who was raised in a children s home and barely graduated high school Maybe the magic of the holiday season can help two men who seem so different come together like the ingredients in a well made fruitcake A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Advent Calendar package Sleigh Ride.

    • Blame It on the Fruitcake By Pat Henshaw
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    1. I have a confession to make. *hangs head, shuffles feet, scuffs a toe back and forth* I've never eaten fruitcake. My whole life I've heard such horrors about it, that I've never tried it. So if you love it, or love making it, my apologies. Although, if I found a fruitcake that brought two gorgeous and well deserving men together, I'd definitely share that."Fruitcake, at least according to Jay Merriweather’s grandma, appeared to be a solid brownish mass with bits of fruit and nuts in it and sme [...]

    2. 3.0 StarsAll the angry/depressed "I'm not good enough" angst got a little too overwhelming for such a short story and the family members showing up/interfering was a bit weirdbut as one of those odd people that like (certain) fruitcakes, I had to read it.

    3. 4.5 Heart Review by DanielleWhat a lovely story! I am familiait with this author, having read her stories before and I have to say I really like her style. With this Christmas telling she offers a lovely, sweet yet very intense and emotional story.We see on one hand Sam, who owns a motorcycle shop and who is making a living for himself despite his past and his upbringing. You can sense his loneliness and his past still rules his life. I have to say the author did an amazing job on bringing that [...]

    4. This was a sweet little tale. The characters are annoying but mostly an enjoyable story of opposites attracting.

    5. Sam is shocked when his neighbor gives him his very first Christmas present and an invite to a party. He’s even more shocked that the present is fruitcake and that he LOVES it. He decides that the neighbor can’t be all bad and if the chance for more fruitcake comes with a party invite, he might as well go.When Sam gets to the party he’s happily surprised again by meeting his neighbor, Jay. Jay is everything Sam isn’t – white collar, tidy, educated, polished, from a loving family. Sam t [...]

    6. REVIEW COMING SOON @Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Blame it on the Fruitcake by Pat Henshaw was my first story by this author and I was pleasurably surprised by it. Although it’s a short, the author did really great, especially with the character of Sam. I could feel his past, his hurts and his feelings. I cheered him on to find some family and forget about the one who abandoned him in a basket. I was so happy he met the sunny Jay and his delicious fruitcake, not a sweets but a truly drug [...]

    7. The "secret powers of fruitcake" were never something I thought about, but reading this story, they became quite obvious to me. Sam has never had fruitcake, so when he is confronted with it as part of an invitation to a party at Jay's, one of his neighbors' apartments, he becomes curious. And as the story develops and the fruitcake continues to play a central role, I began to smile. Personally, I have always loved it, but I can see how someone who has never had the opportunity to try it may see [...]

    8. Review can be read at It's About The BookI really liked this one. For a short this one felt like it had a lot of depth. Of course it’s a little festive too. Mostly it’s just the fruitcake but it all comes back around to family and the holidays. Despite the length of this short I felt like I got to know the characters quite a bit. Sam was an orphan passed over for adoption his entire life. That’s kind of done a number on his self worth. So he’s told himself he’s all he’s got and that [...]

    9. Original Blog Post: Review Request: Blame It on the Fruitcake by Pat HenshawReview by: multitaskingmommaMy Rating: 4 of 4 StarsI know a lot were surprised to find out how much I love fruit cake. And pudding. All you need to do is go to my FB page and my reviews on other christmas themed stories featuring this awesome concoction of fruits and brandy. Done very well, as Jay's grandma's is done, it is the absolute bomb. I love it so much, I researched the origins of the cake way back in grade schoo [...]

    10. Sweet and intoxicating, like Nana's fruitcake! First I must admit, I do enjoy fruitcake during the holiday season, especially if its perfectly baked. Sweet, yet not overtly so, great balance of fruit and just that wonderful hint of rum. Like that perfectly balanced fruitcake, this story was just the right balance of fun, sweetness and coziness of the holiday season.I especially love that it was told from Sam's perspective. Sam, who seemed like a man's man, confident when it comes to his work and [...]

    11. Sam is a working-class mechanic who has no family and was raised in a children's home. When he arrives home to fruitcake on his doorstep and an invite to his new neighbours party he isn't going to bother going - until he tastes the fruitcake! When he meets his new neighbour, Jay, he doesn't understand why someone so hot, with a fancy job and a loving family would be interested in him. This was a really fun and sweet read. Sam's obsession with fruitcake was hilarious, as well as his despair with [...]

    12. This was such a cute holiday story! So with this story we get Sam who is a motorcycle mechanic and was a orphan so he really did not get very good Christmas's growing up. Well he has never tried fruit cake before and gets his chance when a new neighbor gives him some as a present when he invites Sam to his housewarming party. Let's just say Sam and the fruit cake hit it off right from the start and he loves it but at the same time he has a instant attraction to his new neighbor. I thought the wa [...]

    13. 3.5 StarsSam was a really likable character and my heart broke for him every time he referred to his upbringing. He was so matter of fact about it because he really didn't know any other way, just that he was lonely. Not that he'd ever admit that. He wasn't one to throw a pity party and I liked the vibe he had at his repair shop, the author did a really good job of showing his world. It made me really respect him and root for his HEA. I didn't have as strong of a read on Jay. His character was l [...]

    14. This is the first book by this author and I loved it. There were parts that were humorous and parts that were down right frustrating. I immediate felt for Sam because now one should be left out of the holidays. I also love Jay and was glad to finally see them get together. This was only 36 pages and the author made every page count. Great job, Ms. Henshaw.I received a free copy of this book to read for Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.

    15. This story really confused me. Not because it was an M/M story (which, it turns out I’m not allergic to!) but because the characters were underdeveloped, the plot holes were…well there were more holes than plot itself. And the fruitcake-as-meetcute was a little drab. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with factors about the story that I really like, but the best thing about this story was its length which was, thankfully, short.

    16. AaaahI loved this one. It's so sweet and fluffy like a cloud !Sam was a sad kid, abandoned by his own parents, never been wanted by any foster parents, always alone and feeling low. And then Jay came into his life and not giving up on wanting him.It's normal he's having such a doubt about Jay's intention.But I'm glad Jay is a determined guy. And there's grandmawho made a perfect fruitcakes, and Sam's crazy about it.And I really loved the ending ! It's perfect !Recommended!

    17. Four Sweet Stars! Sam is a mechanic who was raised in the foster care system. He receives an invitation to his neighbors party along with a fruit cake. Jay is Sam's neighbor and is attracted to Sam. This is a sweet funny romantic comedy and it's perfect for this time of year. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. This book was read and reviewed by Annamaria for Alpha Book Club.

    18. A great celebration of fruitcake! I love fruitcake and always make my own Christmas cake - fed with alcohol from making to eating, it is yummy and nothing like dry old shop cake!Sam is a big guy with big self worth issues and these lead to all the misunderstanding in the story.It is a short story so not as much character development as I'd want to fully explore these two guys who I liked!Perfect for an afternoon coffee with a slice of cake!!

    19. I loved the switch on fruitcake in this book, its actually a good thing. When Sam meets his neighbor Jay, he's attracted immediately. But the more he knows him, and the more Jay's brother questions him, the more he doubts that they can actually have anything together. Boy is he wrong. Super cute story.

    20. Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance Blame it on the Fruitcake is such a sweet little tale. It has some characters that annoyed me, but mostly I just enjoyed the story of opposites attracting and left it at that. For full review see Prism Book Alliance prismbookalliance/?pos

    21. Cute, fun short story. A white collar and a blue collar find common ground in a love of Grandma's fruitcake. Short, sweet read for the holidays.

    22. Sam feels a connection but insecurities cause him to pull back. But Jay's whole family jumps in to help and Jay has his own insecurities. They might just be the perfect match.

    23. for a short story it sure does pack a lot of angst. I'd have loved to read a full length novel on this.would have been great.left me wanting.t in a bad way justwish it was longer.

    24. Sam grew up in a children's home, never adopted, and has absolutely no family to call his own - just his coworkers/friends down at the motorcycle repair shop Sam owns. Christmas usually is, as Sam says, the saddest day of the year for him - it just reminds him that he has always been unwanted. But, in spite of Sam's loneliness, he's slowly carving a name for himself and has just secured a loan to add on to his shop in the new year. Jay Merriweather is Sam's new neighbor, and he's nothing like Sa [...]

    25. I liked this short story. I'm not a fan of fruitcake, so a book that uses that as a way of getting two people to meet is unique. I was honestly wanting to try the fruitcake after reading. The story itself is fun. It isn't a deep story. It has some aspects that could become deep if the story was expanded. Here they were kinda glossed over. I was hoping for something lighthearted and quick. This book fit the bill. I liked that there were times that you could laugh while reading. The story wasn't a [...]

    26. This is a sweet story with an opposites attract vibe going on. The two men are brought together by, of all things, fruitcake. I liked the MC's, thought the grandmother was a fun character, wanted to thunk the younger brother AND I really want to know what kind of fruitcake that grandmother makes, because I have yet to find one I like. LOL It is a sweet, fun holiday read and I enjoyed it as my first Pat Henshaw book.

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