The Reason I Breathe

The Reason I Breathe Strong Language Explicit Sex Intense situations This is Shea s POV CANNOT BE READ AS A STAND ALONE I waited my entire life for one singular moment Everything I had endured all the pain and suffering I

  • Title: The Reason I Breathe
  • Author: Cory Cyr
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Strong Language Explicit Sex Intense situations This is Shea s POV CANNOT BE READ AS A STAND ALONE I waited my entire life for one singular moment Everything I had endured all the pain and suffering I would go through it all again, if I knew she was waiting for me Ryan Chase was the only woman I ever loved My obsession My desire When she came home loving Strong Language Explicit Sex Intense situations This is Shea s POV CANNOT BE READ AS A STAND ALONE I waited my entire life for one singular moment Everything I had endured all the pain and suffering I would go through it all again, if I knew she was waiting for me Ryan Chase was the only woman I ever loved My obsession My desire When she came home loving her hadn t been easy The road to our particular happiness was paved with boulders I became who she needed me to be Who she wanted Marriage and children they were a dream we both shared Until a nightmare threatened to take it all away Is love supposed to be this hard How long before the person I m pretending to be begins to crack I m a liar A fraud He is surfacing She s the only reason I survived I lived She is the reason I breathe Now, when she needs me the most I m transforming into the person I thought I d buried years before I can t be without her She gives me purpose and makes me whole Nevertheless, the universe chose a different route God had a different plan And right now, I m pissed at them both

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    1. I absolutely loved Bite &Release when I read it last year. Shea was a wonderful, devoted and sexy man so I was all in, and when the author announced that there was gonna be a sequel from his POV I wanted it like crazy.So I hate giving this book a low rating but it was horrible. I don't know what the author was thinking writing this. I would be perfectly content with the ending in 'Bite & Release' than reading this one.It ruined Shea and everything I loved about him in just a few pages.** [...]

    2. I was soooo anticipating reading what I thought was the continuation of Shea and Ryan's story, but I was sorely disappointed. The Reason I Breathe is basically Bite and Release, but with Shea's point of view on how much he loves Ryan. And how he isn't complete without her, and that taking her on the couch, floor, wall, bed, table, etc is his Reason for Breathing.This book started out with Ryan in a two month long coma after being hit head on by a drunk driver. Shea, in an effort to keep her with [...]

    3. Bite & Release is one of my favorite books, and Shea Michaels is one of my top three book boyfriends, everhe's in my bbf Hall of Fame. When Cory Cyr said she was going to write a book in Shea's pov I couldn't have been happier, although I was slightly anxious as well. Some books I love so much that I don't really need, nor want, mored that was how I felt about Bite & Release. I adored Shea and Ryan's story, I was happpy with how the book ended, I could let myself imagine what they were d [...]

    4. DNF @ 50%I hate to give up on a book, so after struggling through the first few chapters and wanting to stop reading, I forced myself to keep going and reassess my feelings at the halfway point. Unfortunately things only got worse, and I felt no desire to keep reading. The entire first half of this book - save for a few pages - was just sex. And not even good sex, but boring descriptions of feelings during sex. Why would the author bother writing this when the sole focus was the sex?!?! I suppos [...]

    5. 3.5-4 stars. I really loved Bite & Release, Shea Michaels and Ryan Chase had an uphill battle to overcome before they became a couple, and age wasn't the only reason. In The Reason I Breathe, Shea's POV takes place as he reminisces about the early days with Ryan when she returned to Alaska for her father's funeral and their adult relationship begins. Shea has always loved Ryan, since he was 8 years old and while it might have seemed like a young boy infatuated with his babysitter, to Shea is [...]

    6. I am so glad Cory decided to write a book chronicling Shea's point of view. I loved being inside of his head while caring for Ryan. I felt as if I was "coming home" while reading this. It solidified my love for Andrew Seamus Michaels. Does he have flaws? Oh yes, absolutely he has flaws as you will see, major flaws indeed. That did not stop me from loving him even more. I loved seeing his sensitive side because let's be honest, he was kind of a douche in his past. The Reason I Breathe is like com [...]

    7. Highly recommended read. Must read book one to fully appreciate book two. This one is told by Shea's POV. Can Shea and Ryan ever catch a break? These two are always fighting against the odds. It's full of angst and tender-hearted moments. It's about a troubled boy who becomes a trouble young man and wants to do the right thing for Ryan, but he can't move forward without her. Will he finally be the man he wants to be not only for himself but for his family? Find out and read this series. The only [...]

    8. I loved the first book Bite & Release. So I had huge expectations to this sequel. Even though I enjoyed it, I have to say I'm a little disappointed. I expected something different. I love that it's Shea's POV. I think I fell even more in love with him. Man, he loves with everything he got. And that's the reason why you should read this book. Because of Shea.

    9. WELL IF THIS ISN'T A SURPRISE!There wasn't anything to indicate there would be more! Yay, I love Shae! Seems forever ago I read Bite and Release, I think it was!

    10. Wow! Even better than the first book!Trials and tribulations. Every relationship goes through them. This couple endured so much heartache and grief. It's truly amazing they made it through and showed so much passion. However, I was so upset with Ryan. How could she doubt She and his love for their family. He was in a different state of mind and nothing can prepare you for what happens when someone is in a comatose state. He was at least thinking rationally about Hus feelings for his kids and I c [...]

    11. FinallyAt the end of book one, Ryan and Shea had finally got married. Ryan found out she was pregnant, so Shea became a husband and soon to be dad. Fast forward to a few years later. Ryan gets hurt in a car wreck. Shea is losing his grip on everything and blames himself for the accident even though he was at home with their daughter. Another great read Cory. Thank you

    12. The feelsThis is a telling of Bite and Release from Shea's pov and a continuation of their story. The love that Shea has for Ryan is amazing and so heartbreaking. You feel his pain at the thought of losing her and his fear of becoming his father.Read this story, you won't be sorry. Bring the tissues.

    13. Great book!This was such a good book! Sometimes heartbreaking! Shea's love for her is so strong he can't live without her. It's a gripping story I couldn't stop reading!

    14. I am a huge Cory Cyr fan. She is one of my auto one click authors. I love her writing style and the way that she weaves stories with angst and true love.But unfortunately this book was not for me. This book is not a standalone. It is the alternate version of Bite & Release from Shea's POV, with the focus on parts of their relationship that Shea found pivotal.What didn't work for me in this book was the nature of the recounting of this story. I like my books to be filled with snappy interacti [...]

    15. If you don't have tissues, can I suggest you buy some before you open this book? You could possibly read this book without having read 'Bite & Release' (but I recommend you read them in order), because you are fed enough information to paint a picture of what has come before, but unlike many other reverse point of view books, this one actually contains a story of it's own. I know that a lot of people hate books that are written from the other main characters point of view. I suppose they see [...]

    16. Holy cow!! Where do I start? First, I loved Bite and Release and you definitely need to read it before reading The Reason I Breathe. It was a wonderful love story between two people who had many obstacles to overcome. It was a complete story with a HEA which ended up being a HFN once The Reason I Breathe came out. Thank goodness I bought them both together and was able to jump right into The Reason I Breathe. It is Ryan and Shea's story from Shea's POV and was done brilliantly. At no point did I [...]

    17. ☆♡☆♡☆♡♡☆♡☆♡☆ 5 STAR REVIEW ☆♡☆♡☆♡♡☆♡☆♡☆Ryan Chase has always owned his heart. Andrew 'Shea' Michaels has been in love with one girl since the age of 8. The only problem, is the girl is 13 years older than him, and his babysitter, Ryan Chase. What happens between the ages of 8 and late 20's are told in the book Bite and Release. The Reason I Breathe picks up where its predecessor leaves off. Ryan has been involved in an auto accident while pregnant [...]

    18. First, I was NOT provided an ARC in return for my honest review. I, along with others, were given an opportunity to purchase this book prior to release day. I devoured it in one afternoon and then when I finished it, I needed a glass or bottle of wine. I actually told Cory that too…lol… My response to her after reading it was, “The emotions I went through, holy crap! The story, the love and the heart break and of course, the ending I was not expecting – best.point.ofew.ever!!!”This wil [...]

    19. The Reason I Breathe by Cory Cyr might be better thought of as an extended epilogue mixed with an intense, unique character POV.After reading Bite & Release I knew waiting for The Reason I Breathe to be available would be torture! The reward for my patience was worth it. Cory Cyr has this way about her writing that just reaches into the very depths of your "feely zone" and takes root for the entire story.After waiting for so many years to finally be with Ryan, Shea struggles with what his li [...]

    20. This review is from: The Reason I Breathe (Bite & Release Book 2) (Kindle Edition)I was excited to read this book because I love different POV's. I enjoyed the first book. I liked the character of Shea the best as well. What started off so good, so emotional and so different ended up being so much of the first book. Yes, it was from his point of view but it was still very much the same. I understand a love like he has for Ryan. Where I thought he was mature in the first book, when he retold [...]

    21. This is the sequel to Bite & Release. I loved Bite & Release, however I found getting through the sequel was very hard for me. This book tells the story from the male protagonist's point of view while the female protagonist is pregnant and in a coma from a car accident. Shea tells his side of their story to Ryan while she is in an unresponsive coma. It clearly shows how much Shea relies on Ryan as his rock and how he's unable to stand without her, not even for their firstborn child. Once [...]

    22. In this book we see the return of all of the characters from the first Bite and Release book. In the beginning of this book we find that Ryan has been in an accident and is in a coma. Shea is keeping a vigil by her bedside. During this time we hear from Shea about many of sit major parts of the first book but from his point of view. Things he felt, how he reacted, and what he saw happening to them in the future. We also find out a little more about how Shea felt about his past. There are some re [...]

    23. Things HEAT up in Alaska when we hear things from Shea's POV!I don't think I've ever seen a POV of a different character covering essentially the same story that can come close to this. While the read of the first is necessary to really get this one, Shea's POV is simply a masterful love story touched with plenty of heat and eroticism told from a guys point of view. Damaged for sure, he may not see how he has grown and matured. His love for Ryan is truly epic. Cory Cyr gives us an HEA in the end [...]

    24. There is a lot of sex but it his Shea's way of remembering his past as well as his and his wife's past. This story takes place 3 years after Bite & Release and Ryan is in a come and pregnant with their second child, but she was in a head on collision a drunk driver hit her truck. Now Shea is about to give up live he got he children secured with his sister and now will spend every second with Ryan and tell her everything that he was to scared to tell her to her face. I mean everything but mos [...]

    25. Disappointed. I loved the way in which this book was written; in a story telling fashion, but I was extremely let down by the ending. As a fan of Cory Cyr's writing, this one missed the mark for me. Readers are taken on a journey through the relationship between Shea and Ryan through his eyes. It's present time and Ryan has suffered a terrible accident leaving Shea devastated. As he wills his wife back to him through his stories of their relationship, Shea suffers through the possibility of a li [...]

    26. I thought Shea was perfect after Bite & Release, but I fell for him even more in The Reason I Breathe! This was a POV like no other I've read. Even though I knew the story, his side took me on a rollercoaster of emotions.It was beautifully written and keeps you enthralled with the story. It has all the feels that a great read should have. These characters have touched my soul.I simply loved being on Ryan and Shea's journey and I'm so sad that it is over, but I will definitely revisit this se [...]

    27. Let me start off with saying I absolutely loved the first book in this series. ButI have to say I was very disappointed with this book. I thought it was going to be the same story from his point of view. And you did get his story, somewhat, but it was while Ryan was in a coma from an accident. Most of the book she was in the coma and when she did wake up everything just seemed so rushed. I don't know but this book just wasn't what I was expecting. I loved all of this authors books but this one w [...]

    28. This was great idea for a second POV on a book I loved. Listening to Shea retell all the stories we loved about him and Ryan falling in love was just a beautiful the second time, just a whole lot dirtier and kinkier. Through the pain Shea is living with Ryan you can see just how deeply he loves her and how he does not believe he is strong enough to go on without her.This was a quick read that gives you just a little deeper look into the future for these characters and the family they created.

    29. FEELOh man I loved this story. If you didn't read Bite & Release I suggest you do so before reading this one.Shea is totally in love with his wife, the loss of her would be his demise. She is the reason he breathes.The intensity of his heart, his emotions, the way he can't move is so overwhelming. I felt his angst, his love for her.This so much more than just his thoughts and what he says, it's about how to overcome so many obstacles to get where he needs to be.Can Ryan forgive him? Can they [...]

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