The Diamond of Freedom

The Diamond of Freedom The Diamond of Freedom book three in The Unaltered melds together history geology metaphysics science and fantasy in this non stop nail biter Calli and Chris race against the clock to identify t

  • Title: The Diamond of Freedom
  • Author: Lorena Angell
  • ISBN: 9780979524851
  • Page: 173
  • Format: ebook
  • The Diamond of Freedom, book three in The Unaltered, melds together history, geology, metaphysics, science, and fantasy in this non stop nail biter Calli and Chris race against the clock to identify the power neutralizing stone that prevents Calli from healing her life threatening injuries She must also learn how to counter its effects before she can fight against the roThe Diamond of Freedom, book three in The Unaltered, melds together history, geology, metaphysics, science, and fantasy in this non stop nail biter Calli and Chris race against the clock to identify the power neutralizing stone that prevents Calli from healing her life threatening injuries She must also learn how to counter its effects before she can fight against the rogue Diamond Bearer named Freedom to save the boy she loves and the world of her friends.In the epic battle between extreme cosmic power holders, weaknesses are exploited and lifetime relationships shattered to gain the upper hand Sometimes having no special abilities is what makes someone the most powerful General Harding, Chris s father, has made it his life s mission to eradicate all people with powers Believing the lies fed to him, and misusing his status with the U.S government, General Harding nears completion of a weapon designed to locate and destroy cosmic energy individuals.Calli meets Brand Safferson s half sister, self named Deus Ex, and proclaimed mercenary Her repeating abilities are necessary to rescue Brand from General Harding s compound, but the risks of recruiting her to abandon Freedom s side and join Maetha s may be deadly.Maetha provides proof that she s figured out how to heal the DNA of an altered human, creating an Unaltered individual.A 1 bestseller in eleven countries, with over 225,000 downloads, the Unaltered series readers have shown their love with over 1,200 5 star reviews Described by Bookbub as J.K Rowling meets Stephen King, the tale woven is one that feels ensconced in today s world alongside a huge dose of superpowers Currently being optioned for film and television, so don t miss your chance to read this exciting series before it hits the screen.

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      I grew up reading Beverly Cleary and Madeleine L Engle, loving their skillful way of weaving a story together My own children got me hooked on the Harry Potter series, which in turn inspired me to attempt to write my own books Most of my book ideas come through my vivid and detailed dreams My Scars of Defiance series began as a recurring dream over 17 years ago It took me until 2005 to begin writing the dream down which proved to be a bit difficult, mainly because I never excelled in English class I should have paid better attention A Diamond In My Pocket began as a dream also However, it was a rare event for me because 1 the dream was fantasy and I never dream in fantasy settings, and 2 the dream had a beginning, middle, and end I remember waking up and thinking, Wow I ve got to write that down I spent the better part of four days typing 50,000 words Not much of the original story line has changed throughout the editing process There were parts that didn t fit into the story such as other powers and abilities, but those were worked into the following books in the series My daughter, Luna, helped me immensely in developing the back story of the magical diamond and the possibilities of where the series could go She is an active collaborator with The Unaltered seriesWhen reading books, I love the unexpected twist, the Snape characters who are not what you think, and good chemistry between the sexes I try to incorporate these into my books, mainly because I write what I like to read.My husband is very supportive of my writing When I finally let him read my rough draft of The Dictator s Daughter, the first book I wrote , he was floored He told me he had to keep reminding himself his wife wrote the book He also began to wonder, Who is this woman I m married to Some tidbits about myself I married my husband in 1989 We have three daughters Over the last 20 years I ve worked the craft fair circuits selling hand painted wall hangings, been a Pampered Chef consultant demonstrated over 250 kitchen shows and trade shows, I operated my own catering business specializing in wedding receptions and Christmas parties, I ran a State licensed home daycare for five years gray hair from that one , worked a short stint at a juvenile detention center, another short stint at a grocery store bakery 4am shifts are for the birds , worked in a family practice medical office as a file clerk, and operated a jewelry business buying from bidz and selling on ebay I started working part time at my local Walgreens in 2015 to support my writing habit The Unaltered series is currently being optioned for film and television super exciting and the series is being professionally edited, getting ready for print There will be ten books in the series.Thanks for reading


    1. "A Diamond in my Heart" is my favorite of the three novels. Brand is probably part of the reason. I like him a lot more than Chris.Chris is difficult to get a handle on. I’m sure that is Angell’s intention. Is he for Mathea’s work or is he against? How does he tackle the whole situation with Calli? It is obvious he at least lusts for her and he has previously seemed to love her (according to surface thoughts). But loving a person does not necessarily mean that we look out for their best in [...]

    2. I have been waiting for The Diamond of Freedom to be released. I went back and read the first two books in anticipation of the third book. I feel that this book isn't as strong as the other two. I still really liked it, but I was confused by some of the new information gathered in this book. I felt that all of the relationships felt slightly stilted. I also wasn't crazy about the introduction of all of the searching for crystals and rocks. For some reason I went into this book thinking that it w [...]

    3. Book Review: A Diamond Of Freedom (The Unaltered) Book #3By: Lorena AngellGreat book, I definitely recommend it as a great romantic fantasy adventure. The action and suspense is non-stop in this book. The ending shocked me, totally unexpected. I now have to wait till mid month to read the next book in the series. It is going to be a tough wait.One of my favorite things about reading that I truly enjoy is looking for what I can learn from the story. Even fiction books have important life lessons [...]

    4. The Diamond of Freedom is book three of the Unaltered Series and I loved it. If it were a movie I would be on the edge of my seat. The relationship between Chris and Calli is like a roller coaster ride. Just when you think they can have a futureI was completely floored by the ending. I didn't see it coming. Unfortunately, I feared that something was going to happen but I had no idea. This book so well written I couldn't put it down. My heart broke for Calli and I feared that she would not surviv [...]

    5. What a story!!!This book holds so much adventure, with so many questions to be answered and so many futures waiting to be decided, you'll find yourself anxious to move from page to page, chapter to chapter. I'm happy to tell you that there are many turns of events that were fully unexpected and not (to my mind) predictable. As would be expected, such surprises really served to ratchet up the levels of tension and excitement. Who lives, who dies? Who's on the side of the good guys and who's not? [...]

    6. Loved it , right up there with the other 2Calli Courtnae and Chris Harding race against the clock to identify the mysterious power-neutralizing stone that will help them hide from their enemy, but that will also prevent Calli from healing her life-threatening injuries. Their challenge is not simply to identify the stone; they must also learn how to counter its effects so they can fight against the rogue Diamond Bearer named Freedom.

    7. Lorena's writing is getting better with each book and she finally wrote a convincing kissing scene. Yay! That is always my favorite part and she did it well in this book. I loved the rest of the story too of course and the plot has thickened. I am wondering what Chris' dad is going to do now and I hope somebody takes out that Duec Ex, because I can't stand her. On to the next book in the series. I can't wait!

    8. This book is inconsistent with the one that preceded it. In book two, Brand was able to Repeat back through a period of time when he didn't have his powers (i.e. Freedom had the watch open). In this book, Brand and Deus Ex are unable to Repeat through the time they didn't have their powers. Aside from that, it was a great novel, and I can't wait to purchase and read the final book in the series!

    9. Let me begin by saying that I read the 2 other books again before reading this one to refresh my mind. I really liked this one and super excited to learn that there is going to be 4th book. I love how everything is unraveling I dont really want to give anything away but its a good continuationlooking forward to the next

    10. Still not sure how this series sucked me in, but it did, and I'm loving it! If you haven't read the first 2, make sure you do that first. These books don't stand well alone, but man what a great series for fans of paranormal/fantasy fiction!

    11. I don't have wordsThe end of this book left me flabbergasted. I don't know how I feeld, angry, bereft. Just when you think things are going to work out.!

    12. The Diamond of Freedom(The Unaltered Book 3)Great read, over two day period. I hardly wanted to test or do any thing that didn't involve finding out how this would end.

    13. Amazing book! Lorena Angell is my favorite author. (= If you want to spend your time reading a great book, I high recommend the Unaltered series!

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