Zomblog: The Final Entry

Zomblog The Final Entry It has been over two years since the dead began to walk The shattered remnants of civilization continue desperately to try and rebuild societyr better or for worse As far as Meredith Gainey is concern

  • Title: Zomblog: The Final Entry
  • Author: T.W. Brown
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  • Page: 211
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  • It has been over two years since the dead began to walk The shattered remnants of civilization continue desperately to try and rebuild societyr better or for worse As far as Meredith Gainey is concerned, they can do it without her help Fixated on a mysterious radio message, she sets out on an unlikely adventure This time she is joined by her dog and an unlikely coIt has been over two years since the dead began to walk The shattered remnants of civilization continue desperately to try and rebuild societyr better or for worse As far as Meredith Gainey is concerned, they can do it without her help Fixated on a mysterious radio message, she sets out on an unlikely adventure This time she is joined by her dog and an unlikely companion Eric Grayfeather.On her journey, she will encounter everything that is good and bad about humanity Everything from a group of children who have no trust left in adults, to an all female clan who lure men to their doom using themselves as live bait It s all there, and it only serves to prove Meredith s point that maybe the world would be a better place without humans As always, she documents her travels, allowing you to see the dead world through her eyes

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      Tucked away in the Pacific Northwest with my wife Denise, a Border Collie named Aoife, a guitar collection, and an increasing number of aquariums sporting a variety of fish cichlids are my new favorites , I live for football season when I can cheer on the Oregon Ducks and be disappointed by my Seattle Seahawks once again I am a fan of Cookie Monster, KISS, and Dr Who along with most things British.As a person who always dreamed of writing as well as one completely enthralled by all things zombie, it is hard to believe that I never once considered writing in the genre It is true I wanted to be mainstream The first novel I actually wrote is titled Dakota as Todd Brown It is about a pair of DEA types tossed back in time to just prior to the start of the Civil War They are in Charleston, South Carolina, and one of them is an African American.The zombie thing really started when I wrote a short for a college Creative Writing class The teacher, Ms Bose, pulled me up and told me I had an obvious love for the subject and a real talent for the style I decided to give it a shot.The first thing I cobbled together was Zomblog I wrote it as a warm up for the project I had brewing in the back of my mind It is a journal account of the apocalypse The funny thing is that it was never intended to be published A few things happened and it ended up being presented to me as a gift in book format by my wife for a Christmas present There was something I will never forget about holding the copy of that book in my hand the first time.Because it gained a readership, and those readers asked for , I made it a trilogy Zomblog, Zomblog II, and Zomblog The Final Entry It is also because of those fans that I have returned to the Zomblog universe and just released the sixth and FINAL book in the series on Halloween of 2013 Zomblog Snoe s Journey I freely admit that I will sellout my plans to write what the fans ask for I really want my DEAD series to be what I am known for, and in the last year, it has really taken off However, I will say that with the release of the fourth book in the DEAD series DEAD Winter , the numbers started to pick up beyond my wildest dreams.The DEAD series DEAD The Ugly Beginning, DEAD Revelations, and DEAD Fortunes Failures, DEAD Winter, DEAD Siege Survival, DEAD Confrontation, DEAD Reborn is scheduled to be a 12 part epic series It is told in three rotating chapters One is from the first person perspective of Steve Hobart, a man thrust into the role of leader for a group of survivors struggling to keep alive One chapter follows a group of four self professed zombie geeks who initially believe that the zombie apocalypse would be fun and soon discover that it is nothing like the movies The third of the rotating chapters is called Vignettes and is a series of snapshots from all around the world Some of the vignettes are single chapter episodes, others are continuing threads that carry on for several chapters A few are merged into the Steve story or the Geek story line.Last year,I began my horror comedy series, That Ghoul Ava and have found it to be my new guilty pleasure.My blog can be found at twbrown You can contact him at twbrownydecpub gmailYou can follow him on twitter maydecpub and on Facebook under Todd Brown, Author TW Brown, and also under May December Publications.Book Links DEAD Dead The Ugly B.on Dead Revelation.on Dead Fortunes F.on Dead Winter ebo.on DEAD Winter TW.on DEAD Siege Surv.on DEAD Confrontat.on DEAD Reborn TW


    1. Where do I begin? This was my least favorite book in the series and not just because the main character, Meredith, was getting on my nerves. She was quite selfish and childish in the second book as well, but the story held my attention in spite of her. However in this book she goes beyond selfish and childish and moves right into sociopathic behavior. I don't care how much gore you've seen rational people will feel something when someone that has been their companion dies. The author tries to ma [...]

    2. I want to give this book a 4 star rating, but I really can’t quite do it. When I first finished this book, I was disappointed, but after some reflection I decided there actually were meaning and reason under all the devastation. I like the world itself in regards to survivor interactions and retaliations as well as the general outlook of human existence. I enjoyed liking and disliking the main character, the latter more often towards the end of the book. Some things were vague, “Maybe they w [...]

    3. I do hope this is NOT the final entry as so want to know what happens in this ZPOC world.I cried twice, once when a well loved character died and then at the end for two reasons, it WAS the end and also the actual ending. and this was a horror novel!Meredith is my new hero this girl has super sized (very pink & non hairy) b*alls. a new world adventurer. certainly with fear as she often piddles her pants, probably so would I faced with the horrors she comes across.She makes some tough decisio [...]

    4. This is the final book in TW Brown’s Zomblog series. I must say that I loved every book in this trilogy! My only worry was that after reading the first two, the last book would leave me with questions and no answers. I should have known that Brown wouldn’t let me down! After all, he is one of my favorite authors!In the last book, we follow Meredith on her quest to reach Las Vegas. I stated in my review of the second book, which you can read here: nicolestorey.wordpress/201 that I had a love/ [...]

    5. Quite easily the worst of story in the series. The main character became a hypocrite when she would complain about others judging her when she has been judging others throughout the three stories. I also became annoyed when she would complain that the world had devolved into humans fighting each other again when all along she has been actively attacking various groups of humans whom she did not agree with. The worst part is when I finally read how the main character died, I felt nothing. No ange [...]

    6. I picked up the series while writing my own book and deliberately chose a genre and a voice that would not confuse my process. I thoroughly enjoyed Zomblog and was thrilled that there were subsequent books. The Final Entry, however, really got under my skin. I felt that the main character, Meredith, was so well portrayed and thought out that there was really nowhere else for her to go. Yes (without giving away the plot) she had her plan, but no doubt inevitably the end result would have been the [...]

    7. The journal continues with Meredith as the author. Meredith and Eric continue their journey across country, but I forget why or where they're going. I'm sure it will be made known to me again soon. Evidently the Native Americans have taken over Wyoming as their own; they even constructed a fence of sorts. Go figure. It's an interesting narrative; I've read better, but I've read worse too. Ah yes, I remember now; Las Vegas, that's where she is heading. Evidently Meredith is beginning to wonder wh [...]

    8. A fitting end to the "Zomblog" trilogy, but oh man, what an end!!! Meredith remains true to her convictions, right to the bitter end, and even though things didn't turn out as I'd hoped, I still admired her character and her guts and determination to really live in a world full of death. Bonus points to T.W. Brown for writing a truly believable female character and writing her so well. On to the second "Zomblog" trilogy!

    9. Another strong entry into this series. Meredith continues to be an interesting character - important when you are reading what is in her head. I like the elements of introspection amongst the simple reporting of events.Again, the biggest horrors come from those who have the choice of inflicting pain or not, on others. Again, humans and their lack of humanity is a major player in Meredith's journey both actual and within.

    10. there were quite a few grammar & spelling errors in this one as opposed to the first two. noticeable; but didn't take away from the story.Meredith IS selfishbut can you blame her? she lived her life on her termse ending actually made me say "aww" out loud. wasn't expecting it but it's the apocalypse, what do you expect?

    11. I can't express how much I liked this series. It was raw and gritty, hopeful and weary, funny and scary. I was so glad to have found this series while roaming around . My only complaint is it had to end. I lost a few hours of sleep because I didn't want to put the books down, I needed to know what was going to happen next! If you are a fan of post-apocalyptic or zombies this is a must read!

    12. The Zomblog trilogy has been a fun read. In Three TW Brown has found his voice, the one he will use for the Dead series. Meredith, one of the weirdest, most selfish, unhappiest and most unlikeable protagonist I've ever read has finally had her three-book long string of bad decisions catch up with her. Here's hoping that her daughter Snoe fell far from the tree.

    13. This was a nice conclusion, overall, of the series. Of course, I was a bit disappointed with the ending, but I think it was a perfectly acceptable conclusion to a series about a zombie apocalypse. :)

    14. My issue with this installment and the second is that lacking an overarching narrative to engage the reader's interest—beyond Meredith's thrill seeking and retributive acts—all we end up with is just a gruesome spin on Perils of Pauline.

    15. Wasn't as good as the first two, but still a nice conclusion. Something about the ending is a bit off for me, but I guess it was the only way to close the final book. Looking forward to leaning about Snoe and her life post-zombies.

    16. Didn't expect the ending but that's what is so great about this series! I definitely recommend these to those who love this genreme may be put off on a few things but overall I enjoyed them and love T.W. Brown's books!

    17. Hated the way this book ended but now I'm so far in, I have no choice but to keep going. There are a lot of things I don't like about these books but I do have to admit that I am totally engaged and can't stop reading now. On to book 4

    18. Wow what a selfish and careless character miss Meredith turned out to be. She really knows how to push buttons but overall I loved the book. And it had a lot of "wow I didn't see that coming " moments. I love t.w. browns writing. On to the dead series!

    19. The whole series kept me glued to it. I'm left wanting to know more, about the origins and the future.There are a few grammar & spelling issues, but not too distracting.

    20. Good readIt is definitely perking up for me. You can run but you just can't hide from these zombies. Worth the time to read.

    21. The only thing I found funny is that I found much more mistakes in this book as in the other twoybe a bit more proof reading would have helped :).

    22. While I loved this book and probably would have rated it a 4 I couldn't get pass the blatant number of typos.

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